Can I use wax or oils in a Firefly vaporizer?

The Firefly vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers on the market for many different reasons! It is strong, dependable, and sturdy. It is a small hand-held vaporizer that you can easily fit in your hand. It’s size makes it easy for you to be able to put it in your pocket quickly to keep it out of sight of home visitors and small enough to tuck away in a drawer in your room so that it cannot be seen.

It is not a vaporizer that you have to drag around or that takes up to much space in your room. The Firefly vaporizer has a great battery life and recharges within an hours time. The Firefly has great reviews from hundreds of different people that all say the same thing. That this vaporizer is by far their favorite and that they have never used anything like it before.

The Firefly has a certain simplicity about it that makes using it completely wonderful and not to overbearing.

There are so many great things that come from the Firefly vaporizer, however, you can not use your Firefly vaporizer for waxes or any types of oils.

I know that oils are slowly becoming a big thing with vaporizers, but the Firefly is not made to vape them. The Firefly vaporizer is only meant to vape dry herbs such as medical marijuana.

I know this may come as a shock to some of you and that most of you may be completely bummed because you have had your hear set on a Firefly, but this vaporizer is strictly only made for dry herbs.

It is a great vaporizer that will be great for anyone that needs it for their dry herb use. However, if you had plans on purchasing the Firefly vape for your wax or oil use, I would have to advise you to look for another vaporizer.

You can find vaporizers that are compatible with waxes and oils online at websites like , who .

Of course, if you are wanting the to use your vaporizer for dry herbs only, then the Firefly is a great choice for you! This vaporizer is considered a one trick pony by many different reviews, but one thing that they all have in common is that this vaporizer produces a nice clean vape as long as it is properly cleaned and taken care of.

In conclusion, no, you can not use wax or oils in a Firefly vaporizer. I hate to be the one to bare bad news, but there is simply no other way around the fact that the Firefly is not created to handle things like waxes and oils.

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